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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Fancy Wire Wrapped Pendant Tutorial

This may be more of a moderately fancy wire wrapped pendant than an outright fancy pendant but I suppose that's a matter of opinion. This necklace is made with sterling silver wire, a tiny smoky quartz rondelle & a light beer quartz briolette-I suspended this one from a pretty little sterling silver cable chain but you can use silk cord, ribbon or whatever you like. This tutorial is in PDF format so please feel free to download it, share it or repost it... all I ask is that you be nice about it and link back to my blog, that you not make any changes to it and that you refrain from using it for commercial purposes. If any of this is confusing or unclear just drop me a comment and I'll explain in greater detail. The finished necklace and others like it are available on my website 
Oh just one little reminder before you start making your pendant-be sure you make your loop big enough for your chain/cord/ribbon to fit through or remember to attach it before you close the loop. Otherwise it won't fit and then you'll be sad and we don't want that.   xoxo~S

Wire Wrapped Pendant Tutorial


Gwen @ The Bold Abode said...

That is beautiful! Love your sense of humor, too...wouldn't want you to be sad..that's great!

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h. rae said...

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