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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday-My Top Picks for a Handmade Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is on it's way and people are dividing into two camps-Pro-Valentine's Day & Anti-Valentine's Day as a former member of the Anti-Valentine's Day camp I feel that both parties should have their needs addressed. This week's Top Ten Tuesday is dedicated to the Pro-Valentiners and all the lovely, fuzzy, fluffy, pink and red goodness that that entails. But I promise not to abandon the Anti-Valentiners among you so next week's Top Ten Tuesday will be dedicated to Anti-Valentine's Day Gifts. In keeping with tradition all of my beauteous, handmade and vintage Valentine's Day picks originate from Etsy and I will be linking the photos to their corresponding shop and shop owners so you can go partake in some unbelievably fabulous handcrafted & vintage shopping. Know of a fabulous shop owner (perhaps even yourself?) who needs to represented here? Put a link in the comment section below or email me at -my favorites will be written up in a follow up post.
Happy Shopping Dolls. XO-S

I Love You wood notepad / notebook - 40 reasons why I love you
By quotesandnotes on Etsy

French Macaron Tiffany Gluten Free
By themacaronqueen on Etsy

Cobweb Shawl Scarf Stole White Wool Natural Lace
By frenchfelt on Etsy

Romantic Vintage Ivory Felted Beads 
By jezek on Etsy

French Oak Reclaimed Wine Barrel Cheese & Fruit Serving Platter
By SwedishGuyDesign  on Etsy

White Deer Head Wall Mount
By BananaTreeStudios on Etsy

Set of Three Pink Porcelain Lace Bowls
By Hideminy on Etsy

Valentine Fortune Cookie Heart Seashell
By TheLonelyHeart on Etsy

Vintage Glass Paperweight Cut to Clear
By bergenhouse  on Etsy

Cream Lace Mori Girl Boheme Earrings
By Frenchboheme on Etsy

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