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Saturday, June 2, 2012

New Rosary Design & A Magpie Complex

My new shiny baby...

I'm normally mortified (and maybe a tiny bit nauseated) when I see blog posts that read like badly written product ads wherein the author is blatantly congratulating themselves on a job well done. So I'm mildly disgusted with myself right now-even as I continue to type up this post-which at best could be described as shameless self-promotion. Despite my trepidation I do intend to share one of my newly minted rosary designs with you and I hope that you will forgive me for saying that I love this particular piece. So much so in fact that it's pretty much all I can do to keep myself from ferreting it away with the rest of my jewelry hoard where no one will ever ever find it and where I can stop by occasionally to admire it's sparkly goodness...really what I need to do is find it a good home with a woman who will love it and take care of it...someone with the ability to appreciate this level of shiny.
If you happen to be such a woman and also happen to be reading this blog post-drop by my website so we can begin the adoption proceedings...

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