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Monday, July 4, 2011

How to Oxidized Sterling Silver Jewelry (The Easy Way)

I have heard about (and read about) many different ways to hand oxidize sterling silver. Some of them are bizarre and disturbing...for example using kitty litter (complete with cat urine) to oxidize. Disgusting to say the least. Then there's the method of leaving it hanging somewhere and just waiting for nature to take it's course (not exactly a time efficient method) and then of course there's the liver of sulfer method-which is uber messy and stinky and should not be done inside your home. But the easy, fast, inexpensive, non-stinky method is to oxidize sterling silver with hard boiled eggs. If you would like to know how to do this-by all means keep reading. If, on the other hand,  you already know how to do this - you'll probably want to read something else so as not to get bored.
Without Further Ado:

How To Oxidize Sterling Silver Jewelry with Eggs!!!!!

Get yourself some eggs-2 or 3 ought to do it.
Boil some water!
Once the water is boiling put the eggs in...alternately-you can put the eggs in before the water boils (-I am inept in the kitchen so I'm not sure which is the approved method-luckily you won't be eating these)
Hardboil the eggs!!!!
Remove them from the pot and peel them while they're still hot-DON'T burn yourself
Put the steamy peeled eggs in a tupperware container..Like this:

Take the sterling silver you would like oxidized...

Place it in the tupperware next to the still steamy eggs...

Wait about an hour-then take a look and see if it's as dark as you would like...

I would recommend washing the jewelry in some super mild soapy water to assure there is no eggy smell.
Polish the chain (if you like) to highlight the silver...and that's it. The super easy, super quick, non-stinky way to oxidize sterling silver:

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